FCS – Any Good?

Well yes and no…..

not helping am I.

FCS Advantages

  • Internationally found – lose one any where in the world, and you stand a high chance of finding a replacement.
  • Biggest range
  • Light – fin anchorage system is pretty small and therefore light
  • Light fins
  • High Tech – good use of latest, lightest, strongest materials
  • Informative site – online tool to help you choose the right fin for you.


  • Plugs – easily damaged by overtightening, grub screws rounding etc.
  • Spread of Damage – hitting of fin doesn’t end there, usually cracks the plug or rips it out. Sometimes taking the rail with it.

So FCS were the first, and they’re very well documented on their site (www.surffcs.com). Pretty much all you need to know on dynamics and characteristics is all there. If your bored at work, check it out (thats what I used to do!)

Their fins pretty much do as they describe, the ones that don’t I’ll review on here. However their system, in my view, is the worst out there now. If you knock out a fin then usually you take the plug, and the majority of your rail with it.

Thats a little wank in my opinion!

Not even Glass-ons did that.

I was recently very upset (understatement) after knocking out  not one but two H2 fins  with my arm. It was a botched air attempt, felt cool until the sore arm, but wasn’t worth feeding the fish €120 of fins!

They recognise their problems and are trying to amend them. The new X2 plug, replacement of the H plug (didn’t last very long did it??) vows to rectify the anchorage problems. However I’ve yet to ride a board with this new plug in.

Whatever they do, the fins are still a little weak due to the 2 tabs on the fin. The fins aren’t held the whole way along the base, so there will always be a weak spot here. Some say thats good as this allows the fin to snap out without damage to the board (nice theory, but not the case). However it does allow the fin to flex a little at the base, something their competitors state is bad.

Fins are still a grey area at the moment. We understand them more, but not fully, yet! So maybe the base flexing does something, maybe it doesn’t. I can’t really tell.

So the list of FCS I’ll be writing about are:

H2’s – Their flagship

C- Drive – Looks more like a bottle opener than a fin!    C-drive, looks like it can open a beer or 2!

K3 – Slater’s fin for points


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