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Surfboards are changing rapidly! The consumer is confused!
Ever since Clark foam shut, shapers have been released from their strangle hold. The consumer was forced to change too.
Shapers are now experimenting with new and better materials, new, faster, automated processes and a more open minded customer. 
However with so much choice out there, what is great, what is gimmick and finally what is just plain BS?  
That’s where this Blog  comes in.
Surfers are like Drivers!
 Let me explain…
The majority of drivers, know how to work a car but only a few know how the car works.
 Ask most surfers down the beach how the single to double concave under their board works, and you’ll receive blank, confused looks.
The people we turn to for advise are usually in the shops or shaping bays all wanting your cash. Not all but most are more concerned about their profit margins than the best board for you. That’s just human survival, especially with our current economic climate.
Magazines try but have too much to lose with their advertising contracts. Plus on occassions the reviews are written by a team rider for that make too. Go figure!
As for the manufacturers surfboard description, then it’s the best, the magic one every time! They’re not going to type… “this board was made by a very expensive machine in Asia, hand finished by a teenager who’s never surfed before, and the materials used are the cheapest we could possibly find. This board is aimed at people who have a fair bit of cash but no idea, hence why our spray job is “cool” and the board will go like a kitchen door… do you really want to buy this?”
Technology has now taken boards out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century (finally). Getting that magic board eveytime is getting closer thanks to this. 
However Surfing is now very big business, and business men with $$ in their eyes are getting involved, not just surfers.
There is some great stuff out there and there’s also some junk too. 
Boards generally are bought off the net blind. The very lucky few can still visit their shaper. 
A few years back most surfers went to a surf shop. They could  pick it up and feel the board. Pop it under the arm, check its lines. With boards getting more and more expensive, your average shop can’t stock everything. More enthusiasts of the sport (lifestyle) are land locked so they turn to the net. 
Now it’s more like! 
You check the pictures, see whats sexy, read the vital stats (usually a copy& paste from manufacturers description), click and buy. When it’s in your hands it turns out to be much fatter than you expected!
Kudossurf  love any shape and size, the weirder the better in fact!
Most surfers create an opinion before it’s even ridden. How many times have you read and re-read those dimensions?
eg “I usually ride 2” 3/8’s this is 2 “5/8’s, it’s too fat.”
Therefore you’ve written it off before it’s even hit the water.
Current shapes are getting shorter, but we ain’t gettin any lighter!
So that volume has to be hidden somewhere.
Our team at Kudossurf aren’t the top or best surfers in the world and will never claim to be. However we are skilled enough to feel what a board is doing under our feet. The idea is that we are testing the technology and the shape in our relevant dimensions. 
Personally at 85kg, I couldn’t test an Aviso 5′ 6 Lost RNF, however I could test the 5’10 and expect a similar kind of performance.
So why are we doing this?  Whats in it for us?
Kudossurf is built up of surf geeks. We could talk for hours about parabolic rails and Tuflite vs Flexlite, etc. As for fins, don’t even go there buddy! 
Our playground is in Portugal where it’s been said to be one of the most consistent coasts after WA. Wave quality from worldclass to knee high mush burgers. Plus time on our hands to test daily any surf related hardware we can get our hands on. 
After 27 years of surfing, new stuff to play on makes it fun again!
 The main reviewer is a surf instructor who gets to surf for at least a few hours per day, (in between lessons of course boss)!
So follow us through the long journey of finding that magic board.
The Kudossurf team are going to be putting as many existing boards out there through their paces.
The aim is to give you the full, true, bullshit free picture on surfing hardware. This whole idea is in the making.
We haven’t much cash to chuck into this, and the guy who’s typing this is pretty dumb when it comes to web stuff. So bare with us, it’s rolling and hopefully going to evolve into something great.  
Feel free to get involved with your own findings and comments.
If your a surfing manufacturer who wants something tested honestly then get in touch. Whether its a board, wetsuit, surf gadget or any other hardware, we vow to be honest and constructive. Afterall no one learns anything from the review of “it’s nice!”
thanks for reading and wish us luck
Jez at Kudossurf

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